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Love and Hip Hop Miami: Is Kamillion Pregnant With Brisco’s Baby?

Kamillion, LHHMIAKamillion was a new face on “Love & Hip Hop: Miami”. She recently joined this season and she was seen as a both a talented young woman as well as very loyal. She proved the last part when she stood up for her friend Sukihana.

Sukihana had an issue with Nikki Natural. Ms. Natural was being rude to everyone and so Kamillion stood up for her friend. She even showed she was willing to fight Nikki Natural for Sukihana.

Love and Hip Hop Miami – Kamillion and Brisco

Kamillion wasn’t afraid of much. She jumped into a relationship with rapper Brisco because he had made some assurances to her and so she thought they were going to be a couple.

She didn’t know about Chello. Brisco had lied about Chello. He told her he wasn’t in a relationship with his baby mama. He said he was on good terms with Chello because of the kids and that was a lie.

Brisco was telling Kamillion and Miami Tip that he was free man all the while he was pursuing Chello. He even said Chello was the love of his life and did everything he could to win her back after he came out of prison.

Eventually Brisco got somewhere with her because he promised her that he had changed. He wasn’t going to run around with other women anymore. He even offered to buy her a house. Brisco did everything he could for Chello.

Love and Hip Hop Miami – Kamillion’s Shocking Pregnancy Announcement

Brisco ultimately failed her and himself by breaking his promises so easily. He was sleeping with Kamillion the whole time he was promising Chello the world and she revealed on the reunion special that she’s late. Her period is late.

Kamillion could turn out to be pregnant and so the two of them (Kamillion and Brisco) might end up being parents. Kamillion needs to take a pregnancy test. There is still a chance she might not be pregnant, fingers crossed everyone because Brisco couldn’t afford to let down another baby mama.

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