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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Masika Kalysha Body-Shamed And Bullied On Social Media

Masika Kalysha, LHHHMasika Kalysha celebrated some self-love on Instagram, and it didn’t go over well. The “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” star posted a picture of herself at home and she showed some skin. She wore a pair of shorts that were both too small and too big because of the hip to butt ratio. She also showed off her stomach and her full head of hair.

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Masika Kalysha’s Picture Gets Roasted

Masika thought everyone would talk about the hair. She didn’t know that they would hone in on her stomach or make some uncomfortable comparisons. Her supposed fans reacted in disgust when they saw her stomach. They all asked her to put it away because it was too distracting and not in a good way.

It got so bad that Masika was forced to respond. She clapped back at her commentators by implying that she loves her midsection. “This stomach housed a future queen for 9 months and snapped back in 3 days, no surgery, and went straight to work. I love this stomach,” she wrote.

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Masika Kalysha Claps Back

She continued her rant by saying, “While ur here hating from a fake page, I’m 97% certain that you can’t see ur feet when you look down”. Masika had her daughter Khari Barbie Maxwell back in 2016. And not everyone snaps back to a model-like figure.

Real women have to work. They can’t all focus on their looks or even think about getting back into shape until they are both mentally and physically ready. Masika loves herself as she is and that’s enough.  Haters don’t get to dictate her workout schedule.

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