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Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri And Kody Brown In Therapy, Is There Any Love Left To Save?

Kody Brown, Sister wives 2020Sisterwives’ Kody Brown and first wife Meri Brown have decided it’s time to go to therapy and work on their dysfunctional marriage issues. Is there any hope to get back what they once had when Kody admits to regretting it?

Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody Regrets What They Had

Sisterwives Kody admits that he regrets the relationship he and Meri had. Kody states that he didn’t know what he was getting into when he and Meri got married almost thirty years ago. According to Kody’s comments, he didn’t know Meri and they had a fast courtship.

From the way Kody describes his first marriage, he chose a wife like he chooses places to move to. Kody doesn’t have the forethought to look at what could be wrong with his plan because he is continuously fixated on getting what he wants regardless of the consequences. Would Kody have married Meri if he had taken his time choosing his first wife?

Sister Wives 2020 Spoilers: Meri Does Know Who To Take This

Sisterwives Meri says she doesn’t know how to wrap her head around everything that is going on between her and Kody at this point. Meri admits that she would go to therapy every other week if Kody would go but he doesn’t seem the least bit interested in working on their relationship. Kody states that they are family but they don’t function as husband and wife. Who’s at fault for the destruction of their family?

Kody says Meri has better relationships with business associates and not with the family. Kody says they have a very deep wound and this is a challenge. Kody says Meri mourns what they had. Meri states the relationship between her and Kody is gone. Meri wants a relationship with Kody but they need something new. Meri admits to people asking why she doesn’t just leave the family. Meri admits to going into protection mode with Kody constantly.

TLC Sister Wives Spoilers: Can This Be Fixed?

Is there any hope for the Sisterwives’ couple to fix this. Kody is angry and isn’t willing to take any criticism. Kody claims to have been deceived into a relationship. Kody admits to being bitter and feeling set free.

Kody says he and Meri are committed and that is why they won’t split up. Kody says the complaint from the beginning is being done to others. Meri has no idea what Kody is talking about. Meri feels like her efforts aren’t helping to repair the relationship is making it worse. What does Kody want that Meri isn’t giving?

Kody and Meri’s relationship can never be fixed is the truth about their problems doesn’t come out. Why does Kody believe he was lied to about this relationship with Meri. What behaviors does he feel is sabotaging them? Is there a way to fix this so Meri stays with the family or should she cut her ties and leave?

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