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LHHATL: Stevie J Thinks Peter Gunz And Safaree Copied Him?

Stevie J, LHHATLNothing is going to stop Stevie J from running his mouth. The man talks too much for his own good. He couldn’t just stop at self-promotion. He has to blow everything up like he’s the second-coming and no one can touch him.

Stevie is even now taking credit for many of the storylines in the “Love & Hip Hop” universe. He was reviewing some old footage of the show with his ex Mimi Faust and they replayed an old scene with the both of them and Joseline Hernandez. It had been about their love triangle.

Stevie J Claims He Was The Mastermind Behind The Love & Hip Hop Love Triangle

The LHHATL star actually smirked at the scene and mentioned how he was the first person to have multiple women at the same time. He added that it was his love triangle that paved the way for Peter Gunz and Safaree Samuels on “Love and Hip Hop: New York” and the other male castmates with the same storylines”.

Stevie went on to crow about being the first man-whore on the series. “It’s just great to know that after Atlanta popped and they saw how I was doing things … they started doing things the way I was doing things in New York, in L.A., in Miami. There’s a Stevie J. in every city,” Stevie J. told VH1.

“I inspire three generations. While these dudes is playa hatin’ I’m hot ventilation. … There wouldn’t be no Peter Gunz or no Safaree or none of that without the sleezo.” And isn’t it nice how he knows he’s a sleaze as well?

LHHATL: Stevie J Thinks Peter Gunz And Safaree Followed In His Footsteps

Stevie managed to hurt a lot of people with his actions. He toyed with Mimi and Joseline and he hurt the both of them. But the fact he’s now trying to take credit for every other man-whore out there is just so like him. He has to believe the world revolves around him. He has to believe that he was gods-gift to women and now he’s taking credit for the oldest storyline in the book. There have been plenty of love triangles.

There will always be men using women who were coming up in the industry and so if Stevie wants to take credit for such disgusting behavior – let him!  He’s gross and so were the other guys.

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