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Love and Hip Hop Miami: Nikki Natural Trying To Pull A Cardi B

Nikki Natural, LHHMIALove and Hip Hop Miami Season 3 was packed full of drama, and the 2020 season of LHHMIA can thank most of that drama to newcomer Nikki Natural, who rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

Somehow in one season of Love and Hip Hop Miami Nikki Natural managed to seduced Miami King Trick Daddy without actually seducing him, get caught up in a love triangle with Trick and Brisco without sleeping with either one of them, beef with over 90 percent of the female cast members, and kick ff an epic feud with Trina.

Love and Hip Hop Miami: Is Nikki Natural Trying To Pull A Cardi B

Is Nikki Natural trying to pull a Cardi B?  When Cardi arrived on Love and Hip Hop New York, the aspiring rapper was loud, over the top, controversial, and picking fights with everyone.  Somehow she managed to create enough drama to become a household name, and is now holding dozens of awards, top singles, and a ceritifed millionaire.

Cardi B’s game plan was clear from the get go, she wanted to use Love and Hip Hop to launch her career, and she did just that.  Is Nikki Natural trying to follow in her footsteps.  Nikki Natural is no Cardi B.  But, you have to admit that they both came in to the Love and Hip hop franchise like wrecking balls.

Love and Hip Hop Miami: Nikki Natural And Trina Beef

Since her appearance on Love and Hip Hop Miami’s Season 3, Nikki Natural has certainly gained followers and increased her popularity.  But, is all publicity good publicity?  Nikki Natural is not exactly receiving rave reviews on social media, in fact LHHMIA fans seem to mostly dislike the aspiring singer.  Nikki Natural supporters are few and far between these days.

You have to acknowledge Nikki Natural’s rise to notoriety though.  Whether or not acting like a drama queen and beefing with half the Love and Hip Hop cast was a business move, or just ratchet behavior remains to be seen.

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