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Joseline Hernandez Struggling Being A Boss – Is ‘Joseline’s Cabaret: Miami’ A Disaster?

Joseline Hernandez started out as a stripper. She working the poles as she began making contact with music executives and that’s how she was able to transition into being a singer/rapper. She met men who convinced her she was talented. They all talked her into pursuing a musical career and unfortunately some of those same men then tried to use/manipulate as she was building a career for herself.

Joseline got entangled with men like her ex Stevie J because he promised to look out for her when really he was just looking for himself. It had taken Joseline a long time to see men like that for who they were and she’s much better position now because of it.

Joseline Hernandez Decided To Take On Cabaret Project

Joseline was putting together a cabaret because she thought things would be different if she was a boss. She thought if she cut out the men that she would cut out the drama and the truth was anything but.

Will Joseline’s Cabaret Be A Disaster?

Joseline’s Cabaret Miami just released a trailer for its first season. In it, it shows the women going for each other and getting caught up in a whole new sort of mess. Joseline tries to rein them in. She’s seen asking the camera “You don’t think i know how to handle these little two dollar a** tricks?”. And the sad truth is she doesn’t look like she’s capable of taking them in hand.

According to BET.com, “the preview shows the dancers getting into a fight in the dressing room after confronting Hernandez about how much they are getting paid”. Are they getting paid? This is sort of a new venture for Joseline and so she might not know how to handle the books or even how to keep her employees from revolting.

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