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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Is Karlie Redd and Sierra Gates’ Friendship Salvageable on LHHATL?

Karlie Redd LHHATLLHHATL’s Karlie Redd and Sierra Gates were considered to be best friends once upon a time and that didn’t change until this new season of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”. They got in an argument about whether Redd was supportive enough. She was asked to testify in Gates’s assault case and she failed to make it to the court in time. She even went to the wrong courtroom.

Redd later explained herself to Gates. She told her friend how it was all just poor timing and Gates chose to believe someone else. She was told a rumor by an unknown person that Redd was never going to show up for her and she let this little bit of doubt come between her and Karlie Redd.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Karlie Redd And Sierra Gates Beef

Sierra Gates later blew up at Redd. She accused Redd of being a poor friend and she didn’t want to hear what Redd had to say. She just kept going on and on about how Karlie Redd wasn’t a good friend. She even put her hands in Redd’s face.

Gates was so disrespectful that Karlie Redd had to respond. She fought back and the two women had to be dragged a part. There were several other women who were all connected to Gates that tried to join the fight and it began to feel like Redd was set up. Karlie couldn’t trust Gates after her behavior. She had no reason to try and trust her after that fight and so Redd considered pressing charges.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Should Karlie Redd Forgive Sierra Gates

If she had gone ahead with doing so, it would have negatively affected Gates’s other assault case. It would have looked like Gates was quick-tempered and went looking for fights. She didn’t want that to happen and so she conveniently chose to apologize to Redd. She told Redd she never meant to question her loyalty and apologized for the argument escalating into something else and she dared to ask if their friendship could go back to the ways it was.

So, right now, Redd, who was doubting their entire friendship now has to forgive this person who’s not really sorry.  If she turns her down, she appears as if she was looking for a reason to drop Gates.  If she forgives her, Redd looks like a sucker.  It’s a no-win situation.

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