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Little People, Big World News: Matt Roloff Says There’s More To His Relationship With Amy

“Little People, Big World” star Matt Roloff hinted that the show didn’t reveal everything about his relationship with his ex-wife, Amy. On the “First Class Fatherhood” podcast, the TLC star revealed the truth about how his family is being portrayed on the show.

For those who didn’t know, “Little People, Big World” takes eight months to shoot one season. However, the actor revealed that the episodes aired are only worth eight weeks. Matt thinks the producers are doing “ a lot of time compression,” which makes viewers believe that he and Amy are always arguing. But that’s actually not the case.

The Truth Behind The Scenes

“Let’s say Amy and I are arguing about something. We’ve been getting along for six months, and then we have another argument. Well, they throw those two arguments into one episode. Just the nature of television really puts out a different impression,” Matt explained.

Matt added that over the years, his family has grown “thick skin” and what other people think about them don’t bother them that much. He’s always grateful for the support of all their fans and they love everyone who’s been interactive with them. However, he also admitted that there are some instances when viewers get things wrong about them and what’s really happening in their lives.

Matt’s Opinion About Amy’s 2019 Autobiography

In the podcast, Matt also talked about Amy’s 2019 autobiography called “A Little Me.” Matt said he has read the book. Unfortunately, there were some parts that he didn’t agree with.

“I did get a chance to read the book and, you know, I was disappointed… I didn’t think the book was really fair to me,” Matt admitted.

“I thought that Amy, the book for me knowing her real-life story and a lot of other things in between, I thought there was some disingenuous nature to the book, which surprised me because Amy is a pretty genuine person typically. But, I think that she left out some pretty major parts of her life that would have thrown a little more balance into the whole story,” he explained.

“You know, I think she did throw shade at me I don’t think it was really fair and it was hurtful, it was actually very hurtful. Took me a while to kind of process it and absorb it and I wish you wouldn’t have left out parts that I think would have changed people’s perspective on our marriage and the reason that our marriage had troubles,” he added.

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