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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Arkansas Mo Says LHHATL Is Fake And Alexis Skyy Is Lying!

Arkansas Mo - LHHATLArkansas Mo has said a few things that have raised Love & Hip Hop Atlants fans’ eyebrows. The entertainer and television personality was used to courting controversy, but did he perhaps go too far when he slut-shammed his ex?

Alexis Skyy recently joined “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”. She has been using her LHHATL season so far to mock and embarrass Arkansas’s estranged wife Karlie Redd. Skyy has been going after her because she claims Redd had threatened her mother and she also has an issue with Arkansas.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Alexis Skyy And Arkansas Mo

Alexis Skyy and Arkansas Mo dated while he was with Redd. He also took money from her family as part of arrangement and that arrangement fell through.

Alexis’ family wants their money back. She most of all wants revenge. She’s been trying to start a fight with Redd since the first episode of a new season and getting into the other woman’s face has aggravated Arkansas. He has finally spoke up in his wife’s defense.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Arkansas Mo Speaks Out

Arkansas Mo has been calling Alexis a liar. He claims that she lied about everything from their relationship to how he supposedly reused an old engagement ring on Redd. He also has been calling out fans who claimed Alexis and Redd were just alike.

“Mo saw the comment and responded. And he doesn’t agree. He doesn’t think Alexis and Karlie can be compared. In fact, Mo claimed the follower couldn’t name 4 people Karlie dated in real life.”


When that same fan responded by mentioning all the men that Redd had dated on the show, Arkansas claimed that it was all fake news. He said the show wasn’t real (which has been a long-held suspicion). He even insists that the relationships weren’t real either.

Arkansas Mo implied his wife didn’t get around as much as Alexis Skyy and while its one thing to defend Redd – did he have to throw Alexis under the bus like this?  Having more than four relationships doesn’t make Alexis in any way worse or better than Karlie Redd and he needs to go somewhere else with that!

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