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Harry and Meghan Are Terrified of Financial Failure Following “Megxit” But They’re Checking Out Multi-Million Dollar Houses in Malibu? – How Out of Touch Are These Two?


Many reports have come out lately regarding Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s move to first Vancouver Island in Canada, and now to Los Angeles in the United States of America. With the Duke and Duchess of Sussex taking a gigantic leap across the pond and away from the duties of The Firm, Meghan’s been accepting meetings with Hollywood producers.

Royal watchers have long thought that Meghan Markle wanted to get back into acting. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had even announced their grand plans for “Megxit,” Prince Harry was pitching Meghan’s voice over skills to Disney’s Bob Iger.

Royal Watchers Have Long Thought That Meghan Markle Wanted To Get Back Into Acting

For her part, Meghan ended up donating whatever salary she received for her role in the documentary film, “Elephant.” That was because Meghan and Harry were still part of The Firm at the time, and apparently royals cannot accept salaries from outside companies.

Still, Meghan’s outing with Disney was only a harbinger of things to come. As Prince Harry and Meghan began cutting financial ties with the British royal family in order to become independent, one of Queen Elizabeth’s stipulations was that the couple had to repay all the money spent to renovate Frogmore Cottage in Windsor. Reports indicate that amount was around £2.4 million ($3.05 million).

The Fact That Harry And Meghan Had To Repay This Amount Supposedly Freaked Meghan Markle Out

Apparently, Meghan has become used to a particular lifestyle and paying The Firm back for their fixer-upper wasn’t originally on her plans of “to do.” In fact, some royal watchers claim that Meghan was so upset that she demanded that Prince Harry find a job as soon as “Megxit” is complete.

Now, for a normal couple that wants to be financially independent from mommy and daddy, that sounds like a reasonable demand. However, one wonders exactly what Meghan Markle was thinking when she married Prince Harry in the first place! After all, Prince Harry has next to zero marketable skills.

He has no university degree and while he has a bit of experience working with his brother, Prince William in charities, the vast bulk of his experience lies in acting as a soldier. Does Meghan expect Harry to join the French Foreign Legion or perhaps head back to the Middle East as a mercenary for one group or another?

It’s Also Been Reported That Harry And Meghan Have Been Cruising Around Malibu, California Looking At Mansions

Obviously not. Perhaps, once financial stress settles down a bit, Prince Harry will become House Husband Harry and Meghan’s Hollywood income will replace Harry’s earnings as a senior member of the British royal family.

With that said, it’s also been reported that Harry and Meghan have been cruising around Malibu, California looking at mansions in the range of £15 million. In fact, supposedly Meghan and Harry have their eyes set on a place that Mel Gibson used to own! One has to wonder at the mentality on display here.

If it’s true that Meghan flipped out over repaying £2.4 million but has zero problem with footing the bill for a £15 million mansion in Malibu well … it leaves little doubt that Meghan and Harry have next to nothing in common with the common man (or woman).

And, some just might agree that’s really too bad considering Meghan Markle’s roots.

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