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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Talia Tilley Speaks Out – Did She Set Up Hitmaka?

Talia TilleyLove and Hip Hop Hollywood updates reveal Talia Tilley is now speaking to the press. She was the former girlfriend of Hitmaka aka Yung Berg. The two of them were together at his house when he noticed some odd behavior. He claims that he spotted Talia messaging people and telling them were she was. She also came to attack him.

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Talia Tilley And Yung Berg AKA Hitmaka’s Explosive Fight

Talia reportedly got violent with him first and Hitmaka claims he had to defend himself. He said he pistol-whipped her in defense. He also claims that he was fighting off her attack because she had set him up to robbed and that the people she was messaging had later come to his house. Hitmaka said he heard them trying to break in as he was fighting Talia off.

Hitmaka detailed everything in his statement released by the police. Tilley has also released a statement calling the claims against her totally false. In a statement released to the Blast Tilley says, “I have not and would never be a part of what I am being accused of. I was, in fact, the only person physically hurt and the only person that called the police that morning…I have never threatened anyone nor committed any crime”.


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#YungBerg and Attorney, #ShepardKopp issued a statement regarding his involvement in allegedly pistol-whipping his girlfriend. 👀🤔 #Pressplay #Roomies #Roommates ———– The woman, #TaliaTilley, is not his girlfriend, he says. The statement was issued via his attorney, Shepard Kopp. ———– “On Saturday morning, March 14, 2020, Christian “Hitmaka” Ward was the victim of a planned and coordinated home invasion robbery and assault,” the statement began. ———– “Talia Tilley came to Mr. Ward’s house at around 3:40 am. Although she had been to Mr. Ward’s house before and was familiar with the layout of the house, she is not now and never has been his girlfriend, and has been falsely reported in some media stories.” ———– “In the middle of the assault by Ms. Tilley, the security alarm for the back door of Mr. Ward’s house went off. The ADT security company has records of the alarm, and the home security company Ring captured video footage of two armed assailants jumping the fence into Mr. Ward’s backyard, while a third man acted as a lookout.” ———– The robbers were unable to get into the house because the back door was secured by a heavy chain with a lock. Right after this alarm sounded, Mr. Ward saw one of the robbers running back from the back door towards the fence. He then heard the robbers trying unsuccessfully to kick open his front door.”

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It should be noted that Tilley sustained serious injuries in the assault. She had to be taken to the hospital and her looks were impaired.

She went on to say that she can’t describe the amount of physical and emotional pain that she is in and that she will fight to clear her name. Talia Tilley said, “My life has been turned upside down. I’ve also lost my means of earning a living as a model, and my credibility in this industry has been stained.”

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Talia Tilley Denies Hitmaka’s Claims

But there is currently evidence to back up Hitmaka’s claims. He posted footage from a security camera showing several men trying to enter his home on the night in question and the assault against Tilley couldn’t have come from nowhere.

Tilley has retained a lawyer. She’s hired Lisa Bloom to defend her and eventually the truth will come out!  Until then it was a he said/she said.

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