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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Will Shooter Let Sierra Gates Go To Prison Over Baby Mama Drama

Sierra Gates Love and Hip Hop AtlantaThe “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star is facing legal troubles on the newest season of the VH1 show. Sierra Gates is accused of entering a fight with a pregnant woman and it doesn’t help her case that his woman was impregnated by Sierra’s husband Shooter Gates.

As reported by Bossip, the assault allegedly happened in 2017 but Sierra was not charged until 2019. The publication also reported that according to court documents, Sierra is charged with “two counts of battery and one count of battery against a female who is pregnant” There was a final plea hearing set for last December, but Sierra’s attorney said that “the state had not yet turned over the evidence so that she could mount a defense.”

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Sierra Gates’ Legal Troubles

Sierra asked her husband Shooter to come out and support her. She wanted him to testify in her defense. However, he refused. Shooter reminded Sierra that she wasn’t in court for him when he had problems with his son and he thought it was only fitting that he leave Sierra to facer her own legal troubles by herself.

Fans are split on the issue. The majority of them are on Sierra’s side because they believe Shooter should at least try and protect the mother of his children. They also believed this issue with his baby mama is all on him. He was the one that brought this woman into their lives and so he should also be the one to fix it.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Is Shooter Wrong Not To Help Sierra?

It was Shooter’s behavior like this that ended their marriage. Fans have been calling him out for days for the way he’s treating Sierra and he only has himself to blame. Shooter could easily diffuse the situation. He could talk to this other woman and who knows maybe he could even convince her to drop the charges. Shooter was at the center of this whether he like it or not. He needed to step up and protect Sierra.

He should also look into a vasectomy because just that alone will save him so many problems!

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