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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Karlie Redd And Alexis Skyy Beef – Did Arkansas Mo Double Dip Engagement Rings?

Karlie Redd - LHHATLKarlie Redd went on a podcast and stirred up major drama. Karlie was doing some promotion work for “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” and she was asked about Alexis Skyy. Skyy claims that Redd’s ring was originally hers. She said Redd’s husband originally had the ring made for her and that he gave it to Redd when their relationship collapsed.

This is just one of many claims that Aleix Skyy has made. She swears that she was in a relationship with Arkansas Mo and that their relationship overlapped his engagement with Redd. She also has been trying to fight Karlie Redd all season, but this time with the ring, Redd is pushing back.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Karle Redd And Alexis Skyy Beef Heats Up

Redd said she has evidence proving that Skyy lied. She said her daughter who lives in NY had helped design the ring and that there was videos and photos of the event. Her daughter had recorded the whole moment because she wanted her mom to see how much Mo was doing for her and to add to that Redd said she has two rings not one.

Karlie has the ring her daughter designed for when Mo proposed to her in front of family and she has a second ring from when Mo proposed to her in front of friends. He had the same jeweler for both rings. And so Skyy has to be lying.

Love and Hip Hop: Did Mo Double Dip Engagement Rings?

She wanted to add to the drama this season was already turning out to be. But her lie has been caught out and now everyone knows.

Skyy couldn’t have been offered a ring that was designed just for Redd. She has to be wrong about what happened and if she was, that meant Mo’s story was more plausible. He said he showed off the ring he had ordered for Redd to several people and so that could be how Skyy saw it for the first time.  And then her story just took off from there.

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