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Love and Hip Hop New York: Did Amina Buddafly Really Sleep With Cisco?

Amina Buddafly - Love and Hip Hop NYA recent episode of “Love & Hip Hop: NY” brought up Amina Buddafly. She’s a former star of the show and her ex-husband still does a couple of episodes every now and then. But Amina was mentioned because it was alleged that she slept with Cisco Rosado.

Rosado denied those claims. The way he tells it he was doing her favor and he put her up for the night because she had needed help. She had gotten drunk. Her friends had run off and left her and so she stayed with Rosado at his place. Rosado said nothing happened between them. He reaffirms that they are friends and so this rumor didn’t become an issue until Amina’s ex-husband heard it.

Love and Hip Hop New York: Peter Gunz And Cisco Come To Blows

Peter Gunz hadn’t believed Rosado’s story. He thinks if it was as innocent as the other man was claiming that his friend would have told him the moment it happened and the fact Rosado withheld this had made Peter suspicious. Peter believes something really did happen between the two. He felt betrayed and he made threats. He threatened to make a move on Rosado’s baby mamma and that created a rift in his relationship with Rosado.

Rosado had even laid his hands on Peter because he was that upset by the idea of Peter getting together with his ex. Rosado’s behavior right then should have helped him to see things from Peter’s side and yet it didn’t.

Love and Hip Hop New York: Amina Buddafly Speaks Out

Rosado thought Peter was overreacting even as he got worked up by just the idea of Peter making a move on his ex. But while both men were being really childish about it, Amina came forward on social media and she denied sleeping with Rosado. She was confronted by a fan who told her she was in the wrong for betraying Peter like that but Amina had no idea what this person was talking about. She responded with:

Amina was denying sleeping with Rosado. She also didn’t have time for the games people be playing and so isn’t just a little bit funny that the men fell out over something that wasn’t true!

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