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Love and Hip Hop Miami: Was Amara La Negra Cheating On Emjay With Jullian Booth?

Amara La Negra, Emjay - LHHMiACertain rumors were brought up on the season finale of “Love & Hip Hop: Miami”. Amara’s frenemy, also known as PreMadonna, accused Amara La Negra of ending her relationship with Emjay because she was secretly sleeping with Jullian Booth.

Booth was Amara’s former manager. She fired him after he allegedly made a move on her that made her uncomfortable and it also ruined their working relationship. They had been friends as well as coworkers up until then.

Love and Hip Hop Miami: Why Did Emjay REALLY Want Jullian Fired

Emjay was the one leading the charge to fire Jullian. He told his girlfriend he didn’t feel right about what happened and so he had confronted Jullian. It led to a fight. Things almost got physical and Emjay has hated Jullian since then.

Emjay was the one to convince her to fire Jullian and his motives became suspect when he later suggested he become her manager. He wanted to be the one to handle Amara’s career. He made a play for it and it didn’t work out. Amara turned him down because she wanted someone with more experience and she later broke up with Emjay because she was tired of always being the one to support him.

Love and Hip Hop Miami: Amara Didn’t Exactly Deny The Jullian Rumors

But did Amara use the breakup as an excuse to go running back to Jullian. There’s no hiding the fact that Julian was interested in her because he did come on to her after all and the whole sharing one hotel room seems like something he made up just to be closer to her, but were Julian and Amara now a thing?

Amara didn’t respond to the accusation when they were thrown at her from across a room. She quickly left the venue without either confirming or denying the rumors and so there’s still this chance that maybe PreMadonna was telling the truth.

And if so, what does that mean for Emjay because he still thought he and Amara were getting back together at the end of this.

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