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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Princess Love & Ray J Put An End to the Speculation

Princess Love - love and hip hop hollywoodLove and Hip Hop fans know there’s been a lot of rumors flying around about Princess Love’s marriage. She implied that the marriage was at an end months ago when she cut her husband out of her social media posts and focused on the children. But now she’s been very clear with us as well as him that this marriage is over.

Princess and her husband Ray J did a limited tv series called “The Conversation: Ray J & Princess”. It will later air on Zeus and its focused around the conversations that this husband and wife duo have had about that Las Vegas issue.

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Ray J and Princess Love’s Tumultuous Relationship

Ray J had abandoned his pregnant wife and baby daughter in Las Vegas. He left them with no way of coming home and this seems to be the turning point in their relationship. In a sneak peak of their latest show, Princess has brought this hot button issue up with him.

She said “It’s been two months and you don’t feel the need to have a serious conversation about what happened? You ABANDONED me. All you care about is yourself.” Princess was still speaking from a place of pain and anger she must have held when Ray J did what he did. And so she spoke her truth.

She later told him “I lost a lot of love for you. You’re not a protector.” Ray J stormed out of the room when she said that, but if its her truth then he’ll just have to live with it. Ray spent months trying to deny he abandoned his wife. He pretended like she was somehow in the wrong and so these two were apart for a while because he refused to just apologize.

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Princess Love Is Done With Ray J

Its no wonder Princess Love is now saying the love is gone. She said in a sneak peak, “I don’t want to be with him anymore. And it’s like, I don’t love him anymore.”

Princess’s foot is already out the door and so the only one that doesn’t understand the marriage is over is him. Ray did several interviews in which he said he was working on his marriage and yet that’s not what she’s saying. She’s saying it’s over. She’s telling the world and him that its over and so its time for him to deal with it.

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