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Guardians of the Galaxy Director James Gunn Turns Down Superman Reboot Offer

Direct James Gunn, who’s known for helming “Guardians of the Galaxy” in 2016, revealed that he turned down DC’s offer to reboot “Superman” and opted for a “Suicide Squad” movie instead. His comment came about when a fan asked if he’d be willing to direct a sequel to “Man of Steel,” if offered.

According to the post, Gun reportedly said, “As has been reported many times, DC offered me whatever film I wanted to do, including some sort of Superman movie (not specifically Man of Steel 2 as I’ve seen reported). I chose The Suicide Squad because it’s one of my favorite properties in the world. It’s the story I wanted to tell more than any other.”

The report about Gunn’s supposed comment should be taken with a bit of skepticism since it was taken from a now-deleted story on Instagram. His comment, which he posted, on his story, was screen-captured and then posted on Reddit. Since Instagram stories are deleted after 24 hours, it’s still best to get a confirmation from Gunn himself or from Warner Bros.

Gunn’s Career In Music, Film, and TV

Gunn is an American director and musician who’s known for helming several movies like “Guardians of the Galaxy.” But before taking center stage, Gunn started his career in filmmaking with Troma Entertainment back in 1995. He learned a lot from Lloyd Kaufman, the co-founder of Troma. And as his mentee, he learned about many things including producing films, scouting locations, writing screenplays, to name a few.

Aside from contributing to Troma’s movies, he also had other projects including “The Specials.” His first major screenplay in Hollywood was “Scooby-Doo,” which was released back in 2002. He also penned the screenplays for the “Dawn of the Dead” remake and “Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed.”

The first movie he directed was “Slither” in 2006. His movie did very well as it ranked as one of the Rotten Tomatoes’ list of the 50 Best-Ever Reviewed Horror Movies. Fast forward, he co-wrote and directed “Guardians of the Galaxy” in 2014 and “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” in 2017.

Apart from acting, Gunn was also the lead vocalist of a band called “The Icons,” from 1989 to mid-2000s. He also wrote a novel called “The Toy Collector.”

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