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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Is Alexis Skyy Using Karlie Redd For A Storyline?

Alexis Skyy Love and Hip HopAlexis Skyy is a newcomer on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”. People don’t really know her or her backstory and yet Skyy was coming after veteran of the show Karlie Redd. Redd has had her troubles with fellow cast members in the past. She was a familiar fighter on the scene and so everyone wanted to know why Skyy was gunning for her.

Skyy didn’t just hate Redd. She went out of her way to argue with the woman and that included crashing an event she wasn’t invited to. And all of that just proves that Skyy’s hatred for Karlie Redd seems to run deep.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Alexis Skyy and Karlie Redd’s Beef

According to Skyy, their problems with each other all comes back to Arkansas Mo. He was Redd’s ex-husband and Skyy claims she was seeing him while the two were engaged. Skyy also claims that the ring he gave to Redd had once belonged to her and there was no reason to say that. She did it just to be spiteful.

Skyy wanted to hurt Redd and she was using Mo’s cheating ways to do it. Yet, Redd has been known that Mo is a cheater. He managed to have a child with another woman while he was with her. And that’s why their marriage is now over.

There was also some pushback against Skyy’s other claims. Mo wrote on Instagram, “I was with jeweler getting my grill…u FaceTime, he later sent me a video of a ring, I asked what you think…now your miserable ass done flipped that into a storyline and this was well before I even met my wife.. swear they don’t want to be on a messy a* show yet making up s**t to be on the show, fake a* storylines.”

Mo firmly believes Skyy is dragging the past up so that she could remain relevant on this newest season of LHHATL and he had a few more words for her. “when I met my wife, I wasn’t even dealing with you, no communication or anything. Sad what people do and say for that lil a** check and few mins of fame!!!”

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Is Alexis Using Karlie For A Storyline?

Skyy clapped back with a photo of their conversation. She reminded him that he took money from her family as part of an investment and that he spent the money on himself. Redd also must have known what he was doing because she called Skyy’s mother. Redd threatened to spit in Skyy’s mother’s face and that’s what really has Skyy gunning for Redd. Redd should have defended her man another way. Threatening these people for him hadn’t been worth it. Not then and especially not now.

Skyy is never going to drop this.  Not with her family involved and so this season of LHHATL is going to be one long and never ending fight.

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