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Love and Hip Hop Miami: Nikki Natural Says Trina Violated Her Kids

Nikki Natural LHHMIALHHMIA Nikki Natural is a habitual troublemaker. Her time on “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” has been full of drama and most of it she caused. Nikki was known for that now. She was a troublemaker and the majority of her problems seem to be with other women.

Nikki Natural clearly doesn’t like other women. There were several times this season on LHHMIA when she could have reached out to another woman in the industry to help with her career and she burnt those bridges. She’s too arrogant to realize that she might need connections to build up a career.

Love and Hip Hop Miami: Nikki Natural Can’t Get Along With Anyone

Nikki tried using Trick Daddy. She dated him for a minute. She also used his connections with Trina to get in front of the star and audition for her. But Nikki managed to ruin that as well. She got in Trina’s face and she tried telling a woman, who was a star in her own right, what to do. Trina quickly dismissed her.

Trina knew she didn’t have to put up with Nikki and so she wasn’t going to include her for the tour. Trina was putting together a tour back then. She was looking for up and comers and it was another favor that made Trina reconsider Nikki for her tour. She again brought Nikkki around and Nikki again caused problems.

Love and Hip Hop Miami: Nikki Natural Claims Trina Disrespected Her Kids

Nikki got into a brawl at Trina’s bootcamp. She created such a scene that even Trina wanted to fight her and later Trina canceled the tour all together. Nikki’s again stalled her own career because she didn’t know how to act in public. She could have at least tried to apologize to Trina afterwards and she never did.

Now Nikki Natural accusing Trina of telling her she’ll never make it in this industry. She’s also saying Trina disrespected her kids and that doesn’t sound like Trina at all. If anything, it sounds like Nikki is throwing crap at a wall to see what sticks.

How much you wanna bet Trina hasn’t thought about Nikki in months?

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