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Love and Hip Hop New York: Cisco And Peter Gunz Beef – Amina Buddafly Drama Resurrected

Peter Gunz LHHNYLove and Hip Hop New York’s Cisco Rosado causes trouble wherever he goes. He did that with Rich Dollaz and Olivia Longott and so Rich paid him back. Rich told their mutual friend Peter Gunz all about the time Peter’s ex-wife was sleeping over at Cisco’s.

Cisco would later claim that he was merely doing Amina Buddafly a favor. He said she was stranded because her friend had left her and so he stepped up to offer her a place to stay. He didn’t tell Peter this of his own free will. He waited until Rich brought it up to say something and so naturally Peter suspects the story didn’t go as Cisco claims it did.

Love and Hip Hop New York – What Happened Between Cisco And Amina Buddafly

Peter Gunz suspects that something happened between his ex-wife and his friend. He asked Cisco if it would be okay if Cisco’s baby momma stayed with him for a weekend and so Cisco snapped. Cisco went for him.

The two men got into a fight and they had to be pulled apart. Their friendship might very well be over because of this. Cisco would later say that Peter was out of line when he brought up his baby momma and yet Peter said that Cisco was the one acting shady with Amina. Amina and Peter’s past was very complicated. He was in love with her for a very long time and he even married her.

Love and Hip Hop New York – Peter Gunz Attacks Cisco

Amina Buddafly wasn’t just some baby momma to him. There was no way in hell Peter was ever going to be okay with Amina spending the night at Cisco’s and so Rich did what he set out to do. He wanted to cause problems for Cisco and he did that because now Cisco and Peter will never be like they were. There will always be suspicion between them.  And again their friendship could be over because Rich had a score to settle.

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