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Love and Hip Hop Miami: Is There Hope For Trick Daddy & Joy Young’s Marriage

Joy Young - LHHMIALove and Hip Hop Miami’s Trick Daddy and his wife Joy Young have been going through a divorce for years now. They’re still married and it doesn’t seem like they ever talked about the problems in their marriage. They didn’t feel the need to address it until Trick started to ask Joy for a second chance.

Trick was still in love with her and he wanted to make things work. He’s been trying to make things work for a while now. Each time that he tries there would be pushback from Joy and so she wasn’t looking back with fondness like he was.

Love and Hip Hop Miami: Trick Daddy Won’t Let Joy Go

Joy wanted to start over. She was the one that filed for divorce and so she was so ready to move on from the past, but the one thing she and Trick never did was discuss what went wrong.

Joy put a lot into their relationship. She invested more in him than she did in herself. She was constantly worried about him and wanting him to be healthy and Trick didn’t see it. He thought she was like everyone else and that she had wanted something from him. Trick has thought that about her even as he tried to win her back.

Love and Hip Hop Miami – Will Joy Take Trick Back?

Joy didn’t know that’s how Trick viewed. They had never discussed it until they were in the Bahamas celebrating the woman that brought them together and they thought they should finally hash it out. They both saw their marriage and the demise of it very differently.

Trick didn’t see all the good things Joy did for him. He didn’t see how she was losing herself in the marriage and so he’s never apologized for it. Not until this latest episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Miami”. Trick apologized for taking Joy for granted and her feelings were finally acknowledged.

Trick was hoping he could do this to get back on Joy’s good side, but an acknowledgement doesn’t change her wanting to move on.

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