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Love and Hip Hop Miami: Did Amara La Negra Take Emjay Back?

Amara - Love and Hip hopLove and Hip Hop Miami’s Amara La Negra broke up with Emjay several weeks ago. She had spoken to an ex-girlfriend of his and this woman had warned her. She told Amara that Emjay was using her for her money.

Emjay likes to pretend he has a career when he doesn’t and he does nothing to further said bogus career. He’s never at the studio. He’s not writing lyrics. He just seems to be at home all day or if not that then he’s with Amara as she’s working on her career.

Love and Hip Hop Miami – Amara La Negra Fed Up With Emjay

Emjay wormed his way between Amara and her manager. He convinced her to let the manager go and once a little amount of time had passed, he then tried to talk her into letting him being her manager. But thankfully she turned him down.

Amara turned him down because she knew he was inexperienced and said that he should be focusing on his own music. Emjay eventually let the whole manager thing go. He soon moved on to talking about their future and how he wants kids. And so again Amara had to check him.

Amara couldn’t have kids right now. She was busy all the time and she didn’t want to have a child so soon. Amara told him no on the kids. She was later surprised when he went on to buy her a dog and he said the dog could be their child for now.

Love and Hip Hop Miami – Emjay and Amara Back Together

One way or another, Emjay has tried to control Amara and it had looked like she was coming to senses when she broke up with him but then she lashed out at the friends that had helped to see she deserves better. She became upset with PreMadonna for “interfering” in her relationship and now it looks like she took Emjay back.

The preview for next week’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” showed Emjay with Amara. She was even defending him to PreMadonna and so it seems like Amara made her choice. She threw away her friendship with PreMadonna because she wanted to believe she’s in love.

Amara is being ridiculous about this, and she deserves whatever she gets with Emjay because he’s not going to stop trying to use her.

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