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Love and Hip Hop Miami Women Take On Racism

LHHMIA SukihanaLove and Hip Hop Miami’s Sukihana, Kamillion, and Miami Tip were all a part of the Hip Hop scene down in Miami. They were artists and they each met with their own difficulties in earning a name for herself. The women were in the middle of an interview with a radio shock jock when Sukihana brought up colorism.

Love and Hip Hop Miami – Sukihana Opens Up About Her Dark Skin Struggles

Sukihana is a dark-skinned woman. She knows that there are certain doors that are closed to her because she’s so dark and it hurts her to see less talented light-skinned women get ahead when they don’t deserve it. There were even times when other artists ripped something off of Sukihana. They take something from her and they would be even more successful because of it.

Sukihana has had to deal with this her whole life. She knows its never going to get easier for her and at the same time her friends are going through their own struggles because of their skin color. Kamillion was lighter than Sukihana and darker than Miami Tip. She has had to deal with lighter people getting out ahead of her. She also doesn’t have it as bad as Sukihana and so she’s stuck in the middle.

Love and Hip Hop Miami Women Take On Racism

Miami Tip has a different problem altogether. She was light-skinned and she has to prove she was Black. She’s had to prove it with everything she did that she deserved to be called a black woman and so things weren’t exactly easy at her end of things either.

All three women were judged by the color of their skin. They were black women and still they faced discrimination within their own community. Its why the BAPS Tour is so important. Sukihana, Kamillion, and Hood Brat were celebrating each other as they are now.

They didn’t believe they needed to change or lighten their own skin with facial products and so that was something to celebrate.  They love each other just as they are!

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