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The Love & Hip Hop Miami Cast Isn’t Done With Stevie J – Trina Sounds Off

Trina - LHHMIALove & Hip Hop’s Stevie J crossed a line. The reality star went after women’s looks and now those women are coming for him. He tried to make fun of the “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” cast. He told them they needed new wigs and that they should try again with their makeup but look at him.

Stevie was no prize either. He has countless babies by countless baby mommas and he was a father to numerous daughters. He should have known better than to come for a group of women because not only are they going to say something but the men in their lives were going to say something as well.

Love & Hip Hop Miami Cast Still Mad At Stevie J

Trick Daddy also already gone on record to call Stevie a little b*tch. He threatened to slap him like one and so physical violence is on the table. There were also the female cast of LHHM.

Trina created a video in which she said “Dear Stevie J., you and every other man that has something to say about women’s hair, cut it out. We don’t talk about ya’ll nappy-ass hair, y’all struggling beards that can barely connect or nothing else you guys have going on.” And there’s nothing about her statement that isn’t true.

Love & Hip Hop Miami – Trina Snaps Back

Stevie has had his own fashion fails. He doesn’t hear anyone bringing those up or telling him he should have stayed at home and so let this be a lesson for him. He should mind what he says because while some of his fans will support him no matter what he does – there are still people out there that were Team Joseline and now they’re coming for him on social media.  Trina will not the be the last person to drag him!

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