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Love and Hip Hop New York: Jenn Regrets Accepting PHresher’s Proposal

Jenn Coreano - Love and Hip Hop NYLove and Hip Hop New York’s Jenn didn’t mean to say “yes”. She was put on the spot because PHresher had proposed to her in front of her friends and family and so she had to say “yes”. To say anything else would have embarrassed him.

Jenn knows what’s that like. She’s been embarrassed for years by PHresher’s behavior because he promises her commitment and then never lives up to it. He was a serial cheater. He constantly slept with other women who ask him for help with their career and his latest fling was even threatening to sue them for the money he owes her.

Love and Hip Hop New York – Jenn And PHresher’s Messy Relationship

PHresher has made plenty of mistakes in the past. He was warned by his friends that he shouldn’t propose to Jenn right away. They were going through so much and they really needed to work on their relationship before they took such a giant step together.

PHresher ignored what his friends told him. He went ahead and proposed to Jenn anyways because he got wrapped up in the moment. But Jenn didn’t mean to say “yes”. She later came to regret her decision to do so and she handed back the ring.

Love and Hip Hop New York – Jenn Didn’t Want to Say Yes

Jenn wanted to work on their relationship first. She felt they should at least be able to trust each other if they were going to get married and so she didn’t want to get married just yet.

Jenn later tried to tell PHresher what she was feeling. She didn’t set out to hurt him and unfortunately she did because PHresher was upset about her wanting to give him back the ring. He thought that was Jenn’s way of telling him she didn’t want him anymore and that wasn’t what she was trying to tell him at all.

PHresher got upset. He stormed off and his parting words to Jenn is that she could do whatever with the ring.

And so watch him cheat on her again and use this as his excuse.

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