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Love and Hip Hop Miami: Joseline Hernandez Announces New Project

Joseline Hernandez - LHHMIAJoseline Hernandez is out here making her money. The self-styled “Puerto Rican Princess” has been on three reality tv shows since the start of 2020 and she’s due to be in even more shows later this year.

Joseline has been so busy that’s become a fixture on tv. There was nothing she couldn’t do and so her next project was going to be a little more serious. She was going to do a documentary. The documentary would help Joseline get her side of the story out there and it wouldn’t necessarily be about all the drama.

Love and Hip Hop Miami – Joseline Hernandez’s Exciting Announcement

Joseline wants to share all of the details of her life with the world. She posted on a social media a run-through of what that would cover. She posted a list that read “1. Exploitation, 2. Manipulation, 3. Dictators, 4. Executives, 5. House Niccas, 6. Reality, 7. Alcohol, 8. Drugs, 9. Baby Daddy, 10. Mona Scott.” Joseline has led a hard life and that has helped shaped her. Joseline wants to finally speak about it and according to rumor there are people out there that want to stop her.

Love and Hip Hop Miami – Puerto Rican Princess Docu-Series

Joseline wrote in another social media post: “My Docu series is so hot People Mad. You can’t stop Me from saying nothing! I can say and will say anything I want!! Sending emails and letters won’t stop me from Speaking on what happen from 2012-2019 so please save your time. Or sh*t can and will really get ugly.”

She was clearly addressing people that have a problem with her telling her story and not that surprisingly she wasn’t going to let those people stop her. Joseline has always done whatever she wanted to do and this documentary isn’t going to be any different.

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