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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Ray J Addresses Those Princess Love Rumors

Ray J Love and Hip Hop HollywoodLove and Hip Hop Hollywood’s Ray J is finally talking about his marriage to Princess Love. The rapper went on the daytime tv show called “The Talk” with his sister Brandy and there he described his marriage as “really rocky”.

The relationship has been at a standoff since their last epic fight. The fight had been so bad that Ray abandoned his pregnant wife and daughter and he left them in Las Vegas. He left them stranded. They had no idea how to get back home and they were fortunate in that they manage to come back with little to no problems.

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood – Ray J And Princess Love’s Marriage Crisis

Princess Love however has never forgotten what Ray J did. He left his family when they needed him the most. According to the DailyMail, he said on the talk show “I watched a little bit of the conversation that we had and I’m still bothered just by where we are, but God is working everything through. And we are trying to address the situation, you know what I’m saying, and try to become a solution to the problem.”

What Ray J was referring to “is the title of his upcoming 4-part Zeus special, premiering March 15th, in which he and Princess having a no-hold-barred face-to-face talk about their issues, with no involvement from a third party, producers or therapists.”

Love And Hip Hop Hollywood – Can Ray J And Princess Make Things Work

Ray J is committed to working out his problems with his wife. He wants to be able to come home to her and their family one day and he seems to be working on himself as well.

Ray J has said he visits his children everyday. He remains an active part of their life and so its just his marriage that he needed to work on. He thought his conversation with Princess during the Zeus special will bring them back together and so fingers crossed.  This man here was trying to fight for his family.

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