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Love And Hip Hop Atlanta: Karlie Redd & Sierra Gates Beef – What Happened?

karlie redd lhhatlThe new trailer for LHHATL revealed a Karlie Redd/Sierra Gates feud. The two women used to be friends. They were quite close for some time and then came this situation with Karlie showing up in court for Sierra.

Love and hip Hop Atlanta’s Sierra asked her friend to support her. Karlie agreed to it and then she shows up late. Who does that? Who agrees to be there for an important event and shows up late? Sierra had been counting on her friend and so the late thing was a bit hard to get over.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Sierra Gates And Karlie Redd Feud

Sierra later confronted Karlie about showing up late. They got into an argument and then this argument spiraled out of control. These two women came to blows. They got into a fight and who knows if their friendship will ever recover.

The trailer for this newest Love and Hip Hop Atlanta season has shown there was going to be plenty of drama and that Karlie was going to be fighting with several people. It seems she was troublemaker this year.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Karlie Redd Assaulted

Karlie was also known to have been assaulted. There were reports she was taken to a hospital following a brutal attack and so who knows who she was fighting with that time. Karlie could have been fighting with someone new or her fight with Sierra could have escalated to the point of no return.

This new season of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” is going to be soooo good!

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