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Love And Hip Hop New York: Yandy Smith-Harris Gets Involved In The Olivia Longott And Rich Dollaz Feud

Olivia Longott - Love and Hip Hop New YorkLove and Hip Hop New York’s Yandy-Smith Harris was a friend to both Olivia Longott and Rich Dollaz. She’s known Rich for years and it came as a surprise to her when Olivia returned to the city and claimed he stole from her.

It hadn’t sounded like the Rich that Yandy knew. She knew that Rich protects his artists. She knew Rich often put up his own money to front his artists and so Olivia’s accusation was coming from left field.

Love And Hip Hop New York: Rich Dollaz Claims He’s Innocent

It didn’t sound anything like Rich. Rich and Yandy even spoke about it and he told her that he didn’t steal from Olivia. He claims he actually owed money from Olivia. He again said he put up his own money to assist her back then and she never paid him back.

Rich was also basing most of his financial decisions from what his mom tells. His mom was the one that handled the books and Rich never once considered she may have made a mistake.

Rich has full trust in his mom. He thought she was above reproach and so he firmly believes Olivia is in the wrong. Olivia however had her own claims. She said she was owed money because she had partial publishing rights and she said both she and the official writers never got paid. Olivia didn’t realize she was being milked for money until she talked to Cisco and he told her to check her books. Cisco was the first one to warn her about Rich.

Love And Hip Hop New York: Is Cisco To Blame?

Cisco is now walking those same claims back. He tried to tell Olivia that he never meant to accuse Rich of stealing and so he was messing with Olivia. She clearly remembers him being the one to sound the alarm. She was even grateful towards him at time and so she doesn’t know why he was suddenly saying something different.

And between him and Yandy, it was time for everyone else to get from out of the middle.  This was between Rich and Olivia and it didn’t concern anyone else.

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