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Love and Hip Hop Miami: Hood Brat’s Boyfriend Kenny Is A Married Man

Hood Brat - Love and Hip Hop MiamiLove and Hip Hop Miami’s Hood Brat is a busy woman. She’s trying to get her career off the ground and she’s also trying to keep her family together. She’s been helping her sister raise her two kids as well as the two kids that their other sister had before she committed suicide.

Hood Brat has led a very hard life. She thought she had finally found some romance with Kenny and sadly that’s over now. The “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” star found out her boyfriend is married. Kenny didn’t tell her that he was married and even tried to downplay the relationship with his wife.

Love and Hip Hop Miami: Hood Brat’s Heartbreak

Kenny told Hood Brat that he was going through some issues with his Baby Mama. He failed to tell her that he was married to this other woman or that his Baby Mama wasn’t just some baby mama. She was his wife and she was under the impression that they were working on their marriage.

It was all in Kenny’s text messages. Kenny and his wife have been talking back and forth about their marriage and what they could do to get back to each other, but in no way did he ever mention Hood Brat.

Love and Hip Hop Miami: Hood Brat Learns About Kenny’s Secret Wife

Hood Brat was the other woman. She didn’t know about it until afterwards and by then she was sick of the lies. Hood Brat went through Kenny’s phone. She saw all his messages to his wife and she was left disgusted.

The Love and Hip Hop Miami star didn’t want to be with Kenny anymore. She felt like he lied to her way too many times and to be frank he couldn’t be trusted anymore.  Hood Brat deserved better and so she ended it with Kenny.

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