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Love and Hip Hop Miami – Trick Daddy Quits Filming, Blames VH1 For Leaking Mugshot

Trick Daddy - Love and Hip Hop MiamiTrick Daddy quit “Love & Hip Hop: Miami”. Trick went off on the producers and the television crew that normally follows him around because he found out his mugshot was released to the press and he blames the show.

He believes it’s their fault that photo got out there. Trick Daddy assumes they were drumming things up for drama and so he didn’t want to play around with them anymore. Trick was done with them. He was done with everything.

Trick Daddy Quits Love and Hip Hip Miami

Trick was so upset he didn’t even want to go on a family vacation with Joy, Trina, and Bobby. The three were going to the Bahamas to bid a final farewell to Trina’s mother who was oringally from down there and so the whole family was invited.

Trick had told them he wanted to go. He promised he’d be there for them and then this thing with the mugshot came out. He then spent so much time being angry with the filming crew that he lost sight of what’s important. He pulled out of the trip to the Bahamas and he left everyone disappointed.

Joy, Trina, and Bobby went without him. They went down there and they spent time with Trina’s family. They ideally went for her mother only the trip also became about Trina’s stepdad. Her stepdad Willy had raised her. He had been with her mother for ten years and they had been so in love.

Love and Hip Hop Miami – Trick Daddy Blames VH1 For Leaking Mugshot

They would have still been together if Willy hadn’t been killed. He was killed during a random mugging and it was the first time Trina had ever known such violence. She had loved Willy because he was the only father she had ever known and so her family raised their glasses in honor of him as well as her mom Vanessa.

Trina, Joy, and Bobby were spending the next morning having breakfast when surprisingly Trick showed up. He remembered what was important and he decided to come help them celebrate Vanessa’s life.

And its unclear now if he still is quitting the show or not, but for now, he doesn’t mind being filmed.

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