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Love and Hip Hop Miami: Amara La Negra And Shay Johnson Go To War Over Emjay

Amara La Negra, Emjay - Love and Hip Hop MiamiAmara La Negra and Shay Johnson started out as friends on Love and Hip Hop. They were friends first before Amara began dating Shay’s brother Emjay and so Shay should have at least warned Amara. Shay knew her brother. She knew he didn’t have much of a career or anything else going on for him. She should have warned her friend that Emjay wasn’t the right guy for her.

Shay Johnson chose to keep her mouth shut as Amara and Emjay started dating and she didn’t speak up at all when Emjay quickly maneuvered himself into moving in with Amara and her mother.

Love and Hip Hop Miami: Amara La Negra And Emjay’s Messy Split

So, why is Shay speaking up now that they’re broken up? Shay is suddenly upset with Amara for breaking up with her brother and she pretends like Amara didn’t have a good reason to do it.

Amara has been supporting Emjay. She pays for his bills and she keeps him in style. She later learned she wasn’t the first woman to pay for his lifestyle and so she broke up because she couldn’t trust him. He was a user. He used women and Amara had had enough of him.

Amara’s friend should have supported her. Her friend shouldn’t have taken Emjay side. Instead Shay acted like Emjay was the wronged party and she even pretended he wasn’t a bum.

Love and Hip Hop Miami: Shay Johnson Defends Emjay

Shay claims that Emjay let several opportunities pass him by because he was too busy with Amara. She’s saying now that he wasn’t out there getting his own money because Amara constantly needed him and he had put their relationship first before all things.

Shay probably knew what she was saying was crap and yet she said it anyways. She’s standing by her brother no matter what he did. She was a good sister that way, but a bad friend and so no wonder her relationship with Amara is deteriorating, They’re arguing all the time and cursing at each other.

Amara and Shay’s friendship might actually be over because of Emjay.  He’s a bum but his sister will never admit to it.

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