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The Simpsons Finally Has A Launch Date For Disney+ In The U.K.

The Simpsons will finally stream on Disney Plus in the U.K. The announcement follow Disney’s deal with Sky, as per The Verge. Disney Plus’ launch in the U.K. has led to one of the biggest questions. When will The Simpsons be able to stream across the pond? The Simpsons will finally be available to stream soon. It’s just not clear as to when.

According to a Sky representative who spoke to The Verge, “The Simpsons will remain on Sky co-exclusive for new [seasons] and including the back catalogue.” But will the seasons be shared between Sky and Disney Plus?

A Tweet From Disney Revealed That Over 600 Episodes Will Be Available To Stream

The representative confirmed this information. In addition, a tweet from Disney revealed that over 600 episodes will be available to stream. Since there are over 670 episodes of The Simpsons right now, it’s safe to assume that nearly every episode will be available.

The Simpsons found itself in licensing purgatory, much like other properties that Disney owns. While Disney owns the full rights to stream The Simpsons in the U.S., those rights didn’t extend overseas. Sky, the U.K. satellite provider was sold to Comcast 21st Century Fox and Disney in 2018.

Even though Sky secured the rights to Fox content, including The Simpsons, those rights were transferred onto Comcast. The sale allowed Comcast to tap into many European markets, including Austria, Britain, German, Ireland, and Italy.

Sky Reached A Multiyear Deal With Disney

Since then, Sky reached a multiyear deal with Disney. That means Disney Plus will appear on Sky’s Q boxes. Before Disney Plus, the Netflix app was also on Sky’s Q set-top boxes.

“We’ve built a strong partnership with Disney over three decades and we’re pleased that our customers in the UK and Ireland can continue to enjoy their world-class content – all one place on Sky Q,” Jeremy Darroch, Sky CEO, revealed in a statement.

The Simpsons will be available in the U.K. soon. But it’s all a matter as to when. The Simpsons’ licensing deal should be corrected by March 24th. However, Disney hasn’t corrected the issue in the U.S. even though it’s available to stream on Disney Plus.


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