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Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Apryl Jones Had Lil Fizz Kicked Off LHHH?

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Lil FizzLove and Hip Hop Hollywood’s Apryl Jones dated two members from the same group. She was first with Omarion. He became her baby daddy and he introduced her to his friend at the time, Lil Fizz.

Apryl would later make things awkward for all three of them when she took up with Fizz. They were in a relationship together and they received a lot of flak for it. Her baby daddy had shaded her in an interview. Her fans were also telling her that Fizz wasn’t the right choice and so eventually the relationship ended.

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood – Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz

It couldn’t have worked out anyway. They were constantly being watched by the world that was just waiting for them to break up and so it had to happen. They ended their relationship. They now have to move past it and so why is Apryl proving to be a problem? Thanks to Popular Super Stars, its now known that Lil Fizz is not coming back for the next season of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood”.

Love And Hip Hop Hollywood – Apryl Jones Reportedly Wanted Fizz Off The Show

They’ve now quoted someone in production for saying “Apryl doesn’t want him on the cast, and we’re trying to get Omarion back. So Fizz will no longer be with us.”

Why would she do that? Why would Apryl deprive Fizz of an income just because they’re no longer together? It seems sort of cruel. There was no reason why they couldn’t both be on the season and the fact Apryl is claiming she can’t work with him shows that something went down. Something happened that she can’t move past.  She’s now taking that out on him in any way she can.

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