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Love and Hip Hop New York: Olivia Longott Gets Called Out – Is She Making Up Beef With Rich Dollaz?

Olivia LongottOlivia Longott returned to reality tv on this season of “Love & Hip Hop: New York”. She’s been gone for awhile and people were eager to catch up with her. They wanted to know what she’s been doing since she left the show because she sort of disappeared afterwards.

But Olivia came back with baggage and she was telling the world how much she’s been through. She’s been in a legal battle with her former manager and friend for several years. Olivia trusted him to look out for her and he used her.

Love and Hip Hop New York: Olivia Longott and Rich Dollaz Feud

Her former manager was Rich Dollaz. He and Olivia used to be so close that they once considered each other family and so it’s a little sad their relationship has deteriorated to such an extent. They couldn’t be in the same room now without shouting at each other.

Olivia was upset with him because they released a popular song together called “December” and she never received a dime from it. She said Rich pocketed all the money. He claimed she didn’t have any publishing rights and she says she does have them. Olivia claims she worked out an agreement with the two writers of the song.

Love and Hip Hop New York: Is Olivia Making Up Her Beef With Rich

She also claims that the writers hadn’t even been paid. Olivia went on social media to explain everything and she added that Rich failed to pay all three of the people that actually own the rights to the song. She was coming out with this now because she tried to approach Rich as a friend and he blew her off. She’s now creating a scene because she hopes to shame him into doing the right thing and unfortunately she’s getting called out for what she’s doing.

Former cast member Mariahlynn doesn’t believe Olivia’s claims. She thinks Olivia is making it up for a storyline for the show and she clearly stands behind Rich:

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