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Love and Hip Hop Miami: Trina’s All-Girl Tour Is Still Going Ahead Without Her

Love and Hip Hop Miami - SukihanaOriginally, the all-female tour was Love and Hip Hop Miami star Trina’s idea. Trina wanted to do something big after her latest album fell through and so she came up with this idea that was going to showcase the upcoming new talent in Miami.

Talent like Sukihana, Hood Brat, and Kamillion. Trina was going to bring this group of women on tour with her and it all fell through because they didn’t know how to act. They attended an event of hers and all of them got into a fight with Nikki Natural. It got so bad that the cops were called.

Love and Hip Hop Miami: Trina Pulled The Plug After A Massive Fight

Trina cancelled the tour after that. She couldn’t trust the women with her name on the line and so she wasn’t going to do a tour with them. Trina later explained to Hood Brat that she was done with the tour. She even told the other women why and so Hood Brat had blamed herself for missing out on this career opportunity.

Hood Brat thought she let her anger ruin her career. It wasn’t until she spoke to her best friends Kamillion and Sukihana that the ladies realize that they could still go ahead with the tour. It just had to be done without Trina.

Love and Hip Hop Miami: The Women Decide To Go On Without Trina

The women took Trina’s idea and ran with it. They were still going on tour. This way they could still gain the exposure they were all looking for and none of them would have to compromise a single thing. They could all be themselves. They all can shine and no way in hell were they going to let someone like Nikki Natural anywhere near this tour.

And so all they really have to work on is their schedules. These women have commitments and kids and, while that might mean this tour is going to be hard, they all wanted to be a part of it because they knew what it meant if they succeeded.

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