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Love and Hip Hop Miami: Did the Puerto Rican Princess Go Too Far On Marriage Bootcamp?

Joseline Hernandez - Love and Hip Hop MiamiLove and Hip Hop Miami star Joseline Hernandez is the self-proclaimed Puerto Rican Princess. She gave herself that title when she was coming up in the music industry and its as much as part of her as her outlandish behavior is.

Joseline was known for getting herself in trouble. She first came on the scene as the other woman and she later went on to show how toxic that relationship with Stevie J was. She’s since moved from with a new man and it doesn’t seem like she learned much her past. Joseline was still out here making mistakes.

Love and Hip Hop Miami – Joseline Hernandez and Balistic

Joseline’s first mistake was pressuring her boyfriend Balistic into proposing to her. Their relationship hasn’t always been stable. They’ve been on and off for a good minute and so they should have been working on their relationship’s foundation.

Its something they could have done while they were on “Marriage Bootcamp: Hip Hop Edition”. But Joseline chose to go in a different direction on the latest episode.  She was taking part in an exercise that tested their individual loyalty and commitments to their partner when she crossed the line with her second mistake.

Joseline and the other half of the couples attended a party with a bunch of attractive people. Their significant others watched on from behind the scenes to see how they would react without them there and Joseline went too far when she began feeding fruit to an actual stranger. Its’ like she forgot Balistic was watching. She played with this other man and she asked him not to tell Balistic what they were doing. So, that set off Balistic because he flipped out. He later crashed the party because he needed to speak to his girl and he was uncontrollable.

Love and Hip Hop Miami – Joseline Crosses A Line

Joseline may have crossed a line. She did disrespect her man for the whole world to see and it’s amazing they didn’t break up right then and there, but she didn’t deserve Balistic getting in her face or for him to be aggressive with her.

Balistic went too far as well. He began smashing things like a potted plant and her drink. He was breaking other things because he probably thought if he didn’t lay a hand on Joseline it wouldn’t be as bad as frightening her and that’s not the case.

Guys that break your stuff usually work their way up into hitting you as well.

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