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The Windsors: Soap Opera Returns With More Members Of Royal Family

the windsors tv showThe Windsors soap opera made its return with even more members of the royal family. Fans will have an interesting look at the life of the British Royal Family through Channel 4’s return of the comedy soap opera, The Windsors. The show returned for a third season on Tuesday, February 25. The beloved show uses British comedy to tell the story of various royal characters from Prince Charles to Prince Andrew and Prince William.

The Windsors returned to Channel 4 on Tuesday night. The episodes are now available to watch on the channel’s streaming service, All4, in case you missed it. The Windsors focuses on current events.

The Windsors Returns To Channel 4

Since Britain is divided, the government has asked the members of the Royal Family to cheer the country up. Kate, Harry, Meghan, and William are happy to take on this responsibility. This will make the Fab Four even more popular with the country, as reported by inews.co.uk.

Meanwhile, Camilla plots to create a rift between the couples. The show also follows Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Edward, and Prince Andrew, as they go on a strike to protest against the rise to the Sovereign Grant. But the older royal members are disappointed when they learn that no one is paying attention to their strike. Prince Charles convinces William to join forces with him. William talks to a portrait of Queen Victoria to get more information.

Does the Royal Family Watch The Windsors?

It’s already been reported that several members of the real-life royal family reportedly watch The Crown, even though they haven’t admitted it publicly, according to Town & Country Magazine. But it’s not clear if they watch this cheeky royal television series. Critics called The Windsors “a riotous parody,” according to Daily Mail’s royal correspondent Rebecca English. The staff that works for the royal family agree.

“I can’t tell you how funny this programme is,” English tweeted. “Very sharp and well-researched. All of the depictions are side-splittingly funny (Princess Anne is a hoot). Well worth a watch and a giggle. It’s very popular at the palace too.”

It turns out that some members of the royal family aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves. If you’re interested, the first two seasons of The Windsors are available to stream on Netflix in the U.S.

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