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LHHNY Fans Roast Safaree And Erica Mena’s Music Video – Watch Here

Erica Mena - Love and Hip Hop New YorkIt’s been a while since the “Love & Hip Hop” star Erica Mena has released a song. She had other things to concern herself with like her new marriage and her new baby. But now she’s released a song she created with her husband Safaree.

They released a “rap feature” and unfortunately the fans have been hating it. They took to social media to mock the couple and some even threatened to sue for the minutes they’ll never get back.

Love and Hip Hop New York – Safaree And Erica Mena’s Cringeworthy Video

The people that have been hating on this song were actually fans of the couple. They took time out of their busy lives to follow what Erica and Safaree have been doing and all they were left with were disappointments. There was some whistling that no one really understood because why is whistling suddenly a thing for a “rap feature”.

LHHNY Safaree Releases New Song

They were also hating on the couple’s looks in the video because Erica supposedly has a gangsta face that didn’t fit her. The video was also more about Safaree than it was about Erica and so its like her birthday all over again. She once walked into a room that was supposed to be celebrating her and all she found were pictures of her husband. And so its like that.

The video failed to impress the crowd and so all the couple was met was criticism.

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