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Love and Hip Hop New York: Is It Too Late for Kimbella Vanderhee and Yandy Smith-Harris’s Friendship?

Yandy Smith - LHHNYIt’s been a week since the big Love and Hip Hop New York fight. Kim “Kimbella” Vanderhee and Yandy Smith-Harris both attended an event for Jonathan and at first everything was all good. They stayed out of each other’s way.

They were such adults about it that Jonathan asked them both to attend another event together later on and this time they weren’t adults. They acted like kids. Kimbella was the first one to have a go at Yandy and she was accusing Yandy of all sorts of things.

Love and Hip Hop New York: Kimbella And Yandy’s Beef Erupts

Kimbella accused Yandy of never having her back. She said Yandy and her weren’t friends anymore. She also acted a little crazy. Kimbella was the first person to throw something. She started trashing the hotel room they were staying in and so Yandy responded in kind. Yandy threw drinks at Kimbella. She also tried to physically fight her as well, but the security teams stepped in and they stopped the women from hurting each other.

Unfortunately, the hotel room was trashed in the meantime. There was food and spilled drinks everywhere. Jonathan just knew he was going to get a call from the hotel about it and what makes it worse is he doesn’t know what went wrong.

Jonathan like everybody else watched Kimbella become unstable and she even brought up the Chrissy fight. She was now good with Chrissy and yet she accused Yandy of not protecting her when it all went down. And Kimbella also said that Yandy wanted her to be attacked.

Love and Hip Hop New York: Can Yandy And Kimbella Ever Be Friends Again?

Kimbella was making these leaps of logic that no one could follow. The people that were there didn’t understand why Kimbella was so angry with Yandy and until they get to the bottom of this – they were going to keep on trying to get the friends back together.

Jonathan tried it first and Somaya was the next person to give it a go.

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