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Love and Hip Hop Miami: Trina Suffers Another Setback

Love and Hip Hop Miami TrinaLove and Hip Hip Miami’s Trina canceled her all-female tour. She first put together the idea of an all-female tour after she had seemingly lost everything else. She lost her mom and her latest album. Her album was pulled when her business partners failed to pay the people that help create the album with Trina.

Her mom died after a long battle that Trina had to witness and so Trina needed a win. She came up with the tour. Trina thought she could show everyone she was still a force to be reckon with if she put together the badest b*tches in hip hop and those same b*tches turned on each other the first chance they got.

Love and Hip Hop Miami – Trina’s Bootcamp Disaster

Nikki Natural, Sukihana, Hood Brat, and Kamillion had brought these issues with them. They were fighting before Trina set up a bootcamp and they got into a physical altercation at the bootcamp. Trina tried to place peacemaker. She tried to talk to Nikki and Nikki got in her face. Nikki was overly aggressive with Trina and it led to Trina wanted to fight her as well. And once Trina became involved, Joy Young decided to step in and defend her cousin.

Love and Hip Hop Miami – Trina Cancels Her Tour

Nikki managed to turn a group of six women against her. She did it in less than five minutes and then called the cops once she realized she was going to lose. Nikki got the cops involved and she even demanded an ambulance because she said she was bleeding, but only she saw signs of blood and anyways it was just more drama for her. She created a whole scene and left Trina not wanting to deal with it. Trina decided the cancel the tour right there.

Hood Brat later regretted the part she played in the whole fight. She realized she lost her best chance at going on tour with Trina and how much good that was going to do for her career. She also tried to talk Trina out of her decision.

But it didn’t work because Trina could not deal with all the drama right now.

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