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Love and Hip Hop New York: The Other Side to Rich Dollaz and Olivia Longott’s Feud

Rich Dollaz LHHNYOlivia Longott accused Rich Dollaz of stealing from her on the latest episode of “Love & Hip Hop: New York”. She told him that she found out he received over a hundred thousand dollars for her music career and that he pocketed all of it.

Olivia has also been told by people that Rich owes her money. She tried sending emails and text messages to Rich over the years and none of it worked because he was constantly moving. He changed apartments, cell phone number, and even emails. He became unreachable and so that’s why Olivia is back now to finally get answers.

LHHNY – Olivia Has Questions For Rich Dollaz

Olivia came back to New York because she wants to know what happened to the money. She talked to Rich and Rich claimed that he used the money for business expenses. He said he didn’t steal from her.

He only used the money to help build up her career and that she was the one that betrayed him by secretly working with Cisco behind his back. Rich even talked to his money manager about it. His mom Jewel was the one that handle all the money and she told him that if anything it was Olivia that owed him money.

Love and Hip Hop New York – Did Rich Steal From Olivia

Jewel also brought up the Cisco issue. Both she and her son believe it was Cisco that was poisoning Olivia against Rich and so Rich went to Peter.

Peter was the only one that could bring both Rich and Cisco together and he later did just that. He got them both to sit down at a club and they talked. Rich denies ever stealing money from Olivia and he got Cisco to go on the record to say he had never said that to her either.

The men also agreed to talk to Olivia together and so hopefully that clears up any confusion

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