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Love and Hip Hop New York: Tahiry Jose’s Cancer Scare

Love and Hip Hop NY Tahiry JoseLove and Hip Hop New York star Tahiry Jose suffered a cancer scare. Tahiry has always taken care of herself. She has tried to eat healthy and she exercises. She was a jogger for god’s sake. She really didn’t seem the type to have a cancer scare, but surprisingly she was. Tahiry’s doctors called her because they saw her large mass in one of her breasts. She was then asked to come back in for a new mammogram and so she brought her friend Erica Mena.

Love and Hip Hop New York: Erica Mena Supported Tahiry Through The Scare

Tahiry’s own relationship with her family has been strained. She seemingly has some issues she needed to work out with them and so bringing her friend with her had been the safest choice. Erica has been through this before. Her own father had cancer and she supported him as long as she was able. And so Erica didn’t want her friend to feel alone.

Love and Hip Hop New York: Good News For Tahiry

Both women dressed to the nines for this doctor’s appointment. They both wanted to look good even in a hospital setting and so they laughed about that as they waited for the doctor to arrive.

They took their minds off of what could happen. It helped put them at ease and so Tahiry was less afraid when she was tested again. She was tested and thankfully it wasn’t cancer. It was a benign cyst and those are typical.

It could just mean that she has dense breasts and, if that case, the cysts are gong to keep being a problem.

She simply has to keep performing self-exams at home.

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