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Stranger Things Writers Tease Terrifying Photo – Fans Scared Stiff

Stranger Things writers teased a photo that has fans freaking out. Production on the Netflix series is expected to begin within the next few weeks. Fans are looking for any information about the upcoming fourth season.

The Stranger Things Writers’ Room Is Listening To The Fans

The Stranger Things Writers’ Room is listening to the fans. The Writers’ Room account for Strangers Things tweeted a screenshot from the show in an episode from Season 3, according to Comic Book. The photo in question shows Eleven, Lucas, Mike, and Will. The photo has caused a stir among Stranger Things fans who feel that it has a deeper message.


It’s not uncommon for the Stranger Things Writers’ Room account to tease photos and information about the show. The account often shares character names or screenshots from the series to create panic among the online fandom. The account even changed its location which was previously a series of emojis. Then it was changed to no location. Now it’s changed to “what it all means.” Of course, fans are freaking out over what this could mean.

Stranger Things Season 4 Is Already Happening

How many seasons of Stranger Things will there be? Stranger Things Season 4 is already happening. Does that mean there will be a Stranger Things Season 5? Actor Noah Schnapp hopes that it will last that long. The hype for Stranger Things isn’t dying down anytime soon. There’s been speculation over whether Season 4 is the last season of the show. Rumors started swirling that the next season will be split into two parts. But now the second half of the season could now become Season 5. None of this information has been confirmed.

Noah Schanpp, who plays Will Byers, spoke to TV host Lorraine Kelly about the possibility of a Season 5, as reported by Pop Buzz. By the looks of his response, there could be another season. He was asked whether Season 4 will be the last season. Noah confidently answered he’s “sure there will be another [season] after this.

I can’t imagine this is the last. I feel like we would know if this was the last.” Keep in mind that this is not an official confirmation from the actor. He also said that he hasn’t been given any information, so everything is still under wraps.

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