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‘Parasite’ HBO Series Reportedly in the Works After Historic Oscars Win

A Parasite HBO series is in the works amid the film’s Oscars win. Mark Ruffalo is being considered to star in the series. The movie made history on Sunday night. It became the first non-English-language film to win an Oscar for Best Picture.

Thankfully, awards season is officially over, and we can go back to our daily lives. Not really. A Parasite HBO limited series is currently in the works. However, it’s in the early development process even though there isn’t any official casting announcement at the moment.

It doesn’t even have a script. Maybe the Oscars buzz is what inspired HBO to develop an award-winning series. Sources told Collider that three-time Oscar nominee Mark Ruffalo is currently being eyed to play the lead in the series.

Oscar Winner Adam Mckay And Parasite Director Bong Joon Ho Are Working On The Series

Oscar winner Adam McKay and Parasite director Bong Joon Ho are working on the series. It’ll be based on the Oscar-winning movie by Bong and Han Jin-won. The movie is centered around the poor but crafty Kim family who try to fit in with their wealthy employers, the Park family, which comes with shocking moments.

Details for the HBO series are limited at this time. The characters won’t reflect the ones in the film. It’ll be hard to tell who will be playing who. It’s also possible that there won’t be any Asian representation in this series, especially if Ruffalo will be playing.

The biggest roles are typically cast the first. It’s likely that Ruffalo will play Song Kango-Ho’s role in the television adaptation. Due to the respect for Parasite, and not to encourage Oscar voting, Collider withheld the story for a week. The outlet decided to run this story after the Oscars. HBO released the following statement: “The HBO limited series inspired by Parasite is in the early stages of development, and to speculate on any characters or casting is wildly premature.”

Bong Joon Ho’s Film Became The First Foreign Language Film To Win An Oscar For Best Picture

On Sunday night, Bong Joon Ho’s film became the first foreign language film to win an Oscar for Best Picture, as reported by Deadline. The Korean movie also became the first movie to win Best Picture with a TV series adaptation in the works.

Parasite already received Oscars buzz at the start of awards season, but it wasn’t a strong contender for Oscar Best Picture. The movie reached international acclaim. It grossed $165 million worldwide so far. In addition, it earned $35 million in the U.S. It also has one of the most shocking movie endings in years.

Parasite is the first Korean film to win any Oscars, let alone dominate so many categories. With K-Pop and Korean dramas on the rise, this representation is a big deal. What are your thoughts on a Parasite television show? Sound off below in the comments section.

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