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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Spoilers: Rasheeda Frost Rumored to Be Wearing An Ankle Monitor

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Rasheeda Frost Rumored to Be Wearing An Ankle MonitorLove and Hip Hop Atlanta Rasheeda Frost is many things but is she wearing an ankle monitor? Rasheeda posted a video on her Instagram account and she was supposed to be showcasing her store Pressed. She opened Pressed back in 2015. Its been hugely successful and it’s considered the star jewel in Rasheeda’s business portfolio.

But that does not take away the fact that fans have spotted something. They spotted what appeared to be an ankle monitor on Rahseeda’s right leg and the number one question is who put it there? The ankle monitor is clear as day. There is no denying it and so why is Rasheeda wearing one? Did she get in trouble with the law? And why is she trying to tell the world that it’s a “boot bag”?

Rasheeda went on record to say “that’s a Louis Vuitton boot bag boo!!”. First, what is a boot bag? Second, it sounds stupid? Third, she must be lying because there would literally be no point in a boot bag. Its an ankle monitor and people are already joking that her husband Kirk Frost put it there.

Kirk does have a history of unsubstantiated jealousy when it comes to his wife. He accuses her of cheating on him all the time even when she isn’t and so he did tag her in the hopes of tracking her movements? Like an animal?

It would make more sense than a “boot bag”. It would also explain why it was there on her leg one day and gone the next. The police wouldn’t have allowed that crap if it had been them that put there and so the mystery over this ankle monitor continues!

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