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The Puerto Rican Princess News: Joseline Hernandez Openly Discusses Her Custody Battle With Stevie J

Many know Joseline Hernandez as the Puerto Rican Princess on the “Love & Hip Hop” series. She was first based in Atlanta where she met Stevie J and their relationship was on and off-again for years.

They did however have a daughter. The little girl’s name is Bonnie Bella. The little girl was still young and she needed both parents in her life. And so why did Joseline try to play games.

The Puerto Rican Princess Spoilers: Joseline Was Accused Of Withholding Access To Her Daughter By Her Ex

Joseline was accused of withholding access to her daughter by her ex. Stevie J believed Joseline was hiding their daughter from him after weeks of supposed scheduling conflicts and so he took her to court.

He got the judge to see things from his side and he was ultimately awarded sole custody of Bonnie Bella for thirty days. Fans can see Joseline’s reaction to losing custody of her daughter on her new reality show.

The Puerto Rican Princess Spoilers: Joseline And Her Boyfriend DJ Balistic Beats To Star On “Marriage Bootcamp: Hip Hop Edition”

Joseline and her boyfriend DJ Balistic Beats were going to be starring on this new season of “Marriage Bootcamp: Hip Hop Edition”. They needed to work through some problems because at the time Joseline had wanted to get married and she was rushing her boyfriend. He wanted to take his time. She didn’t and so that’s how they landed in bootcamp.

Don’t know why Joseline was in such a rush to get married after she was fake married to Stevie J, but she was and that on top of everything else proves this is going to be great season of her new reality show.

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