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The Walking Dead Spoilers: Midseason 10B Premiere Receives Mixed Reaction

The Walking Dead is returning to finish the remainder of Season 10. The second part of the season will focus on the Whisperer War. TWD Season 10B is already receiving mixed reaction among viewers.

Some fans in the media were lucky enough to see the 10B midseason premiere. According to Forbes Senior Contributor, Paul Tassi, he said that Episodes 9 and 10 feels like two completely different episodes. In fact, they feel like two different horror movies.

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Episodes 9 And 10 Feels Like Two Completely Different Episodes

“The best way I can describe episodes 9 (Squeeze) and 10 (Stalker) is that they feel like two different horror movies condensed into 45-minute format,” Tassi wrote. “The first episode, Squeeze, reminds me of The Descent, the cave-based horror film that had a bunch of women trapped in a cave with monsters. … I liked the second episode a lot more, and we shift into a different sort of horror film where Beta quite literally transforms into Jason Voorhees.”

However, Tassi wasn’t in love with both episodes. He claimed that both episodes were “fine” in their own way. He’s a fan of the second episode compared to the first. Tassi claims that the Whisperer War is starting to drag things out.

The Walking Dead Spoilers: The Walking Dead Is Notorious For Dragging Storylines Out

But The Walking Dead is notorious for dragging storylines out. But both storylines have made things more “intense” than previous storylines. According to Nerdist, The Walking Dead midseason premiere is expected to “confuse” and “upset” fans, which doesn’t sound like good news. The midseason premiere will become confusing with its onslaught of theories and it will be upsetting because of Carol.

“There will probably be a share of theories to suggest some alternatives to what is being presented in the show, but it’s not likely considering that there was backlash to fake-outs in the past. In the show’s universe, Carol’s strained relationships with pretty much everyone just became infinitely worse.”

The Walking Dead midseason premiere will signify the beginning of the end. It’ll be packed with emotional moments and heartbreaking goodbyes. The long-running series is preparing to embark on the next chapter in its story. The Walking Dead will return for the second half of Season 10 on Sunday, Feb. 23 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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