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Love and Hip Hop New York: Is Remy Ma Headed Back To Prison

LHHNY Remy MaRemy Ma is the “Queen of Rap”. She received her crown many years ago and then she risked it all. Remy went to jail following a shooting incident. She was accused of shooting Makeda Barnes-Joseph at a Manhattan nightspot and she ended up seven years into a ten year sentence.

Remy got lucky when she was released early. She was able to rejoin her family. She’s since remarried her husband Papoose and they have a new baby. Remy was still nursing her youngest when she again found herself in some trouble.

Love and Hip Hop New York: Remy Ma Risks It All

Remy has been starring on “Love & Hip Hop: New York” with her husband. Both of them were fully aware about what the show thrives on and it seems they’ve made their peace with it. They’re fine with getting loud. There have been fights before and so what made this new one different?

Remy got into a fight with Brittney Taylor of all people. Taylor was considered to be a clout-chaser and she allegedly went after Remy because she wanted Remy to respond. Remy was accused of punching Brittney in the face at a cancer benefit and Brittney has even filed charges against Remy.

Remy was charged with a misdemeanor. It could potentially put her back in prison and that’s not what either Remy or her family wants. They want to beat the charges. Remy believes that once a judge and the prosecutor sees the full details of the case – they would be compelled to drop the case against her.

Love and Hip Hop New York: Is Remy Ma Headed Back To Prison

But that’s not what her lawyer is advising. Her lawyer told Remy that the prosecutor is willing to make a deal with her as long as she confesses to a lesser charge and, if so, she’d only serve a year.

A year is not so bad to a woman who has served seven, but Remy doesn’t want to leave her family and she was in the middle of working on her latest album. She couldn’t afford to be sent away for a year.

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