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Love and Hip Hop Miami: PreMadonna and Joseline Hernandez – Who Is The Better Woman?

LHHMIA Joseline HernandezLove and Hip Hop Miami showed Joseline Hernandez trying to hijack PreMadonna’s event. She sent a truck with a video of herself playing on the side and there was more to come. Joseline also sent PreMadonna a cooked pig. She likes to call PreMadonna “PremaPiggy” and so a roast pig was on theme for her.

She probably thought she could ruin the event with her little stunt, but PreMadonna chose to laugh it off. She made jokes about how the pig was cooked with her seasoning and she gave a disclaimer to anyone that was willing to eat it.

Love and Hip Hop Miami – PreMadonna Reacts To Joseline Hernandez’s Gift

PreMadonna told them she doesn’t know what foreign substances were used on the pig. It was a minor crack at Joseline’s cocaine past and that meant it wasn’t exactly nice. But the differences between the women is that PreMadonna didn’t choose to respond.

She’s probably heard about Joseline’s Cabaret show and she still didn’t respond in kind. She didn’t go over there or make a scene. She instead took the high road. She met up with some friends and they discussed the Joseline problem.

Love and Hip Hop Miami: Is Joseline That Desperate For a LHHMIA Storyline

PreMadonna firmly believes that Joseline was coming for her because Joseline needed a storyline. Joseline has complained about the “Love & Hip Hop” franchise in the past and how she can’t stand it and yet here she is again. She’s picking fights and she basically fighting with herself because PreMadonna said she was too busy to be punching down. She rather gossip about Joseline with friends than give Joseline the attention she so desperately craves.

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